Parking information:

Street parking is available as well as parking at Servall and Spring Cleaners.

The BEST place to park is at the corner of 2nd and 6th in the Veritas Church lot.

Hours of operation: 

4pm - 2:30am 

Tuesday through Saturday

Welcome to Little Rock

Located at 4th Street and 2nd Avenue, Little Rock is at the gateway to Italian Village. Everyone's night should have a little rock! 

Upcoming Events:

Every Tuesday at 9 PM    Karaoke

Every Wednesday at 9 PM    Everybody's a Comedian

Every Friday at 7 PM    Parker Paul Live Karaoke

Thursday, November 6, 9 PM Wabbit Season: Virginia Pishioneri & Erika Hughes

Thursday, November 13, 7 PM Wabbit Season: Scott Gorsuch & Andy Gallagher

Saturday, November 15, 9 PM Word Up!

Thursday, November 20, 7 PM Erica Blinn

Saturday, November 22, 9 PM CHICKX!: '90s Slumber Party

Wednesday, November 26, 8 PM Ghosts of Treehouse Past

No Cover. 

Never will be.